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Verbal Kent - Move With The Walls - 2006

Gravel Records present's “Move With the Walls”, the introspective and powerful sophomore release from Chicago's Verbal Kent. With a near death experience providing the prime motivation for the project, “Move with the Walls” breaks down the reality of a recovery in progress and the will to break free from the confines and the hold of the pain associated. With the help of incredible production, courtesy of Oddissee, Maker, K-Kruz, Overflo, Kaz1 and Earmint, Verbal Kent's ‘Move With the Walls’ is a thoughtful manifesto that fused with classic hip-hop collaboration tracks, alongside such artists as Ill Bill, Tableek of Maspyke, Blade, Earatik Statik, Longshot & Rusty Chains.

Verbal Kent - Move With The Walls - 2006

01 first 2
02 barcode
03 remain hungry
04 dead serious ft ill bill (of non phixion) & lance ambu
05 expand
06 move with the walls
07 trapped ft blade & los (of earatik statik)
08 dear diary
09 burden of proof
10 duesday ft tableek (of maspyke) & racear (of modill)
11 rewind
12 big
13 life's a bitch with a gun
14 trust me ft longshot & rusty chains
15 the good die young
16 a city without a villain ft lance ambu & ef (of earatik statik)
17 the locksmith pt.1 (bonus track)


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